Natural Pie King

Toby Simmons, The Pie King



Toby Simmons has led his life like he creates his pies, everything is from scratch. Throughout his childhood in Charleston, SC Toby could be found in his mother's kitchen, emulating the love and care he saw his mother and grandmother put into their cooking through his own favorite activity, baking. Toby quickly became the family baker for all gatherings and events and at the age of 14 began selling his baked goods at Brown's Fruit Stand in North Charleston South Carolina. His first apple pie sale sealed the deal; with glowing reviews and encouragement from the fruit stand customers, Toby knew that baking pies was going to be his life's work.  His passion for creating the best, home made, "old-world style" pies on the commercial market has generated great success for The Pie King brand and has continued to encourage Toby to expand to new markets. Twenty-Five years of careful, deliberate trial and error and a strong commitment to perfection sets The Pie King apart from all other pie producers. At the age of 19 Toby created his signature hand made crust, today  that same crust has marveled the world over. We assure you that you will taste the difference that commitment, intention, and love add to every pie that goes from The Pie Kings oven to your dinner table.  To this day Toby is currently making pies and setting up the first Pie King Cafe' in Iowa scheduled to open in fall, this will be his first of 100 bakeries.  

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